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Board Meeting General Meeting Revised Date
23rd of February 2019 23rd of February 2019 16th of February 2019
11th of May 2019 25th of May 2019
17th of August 2019


31st of August 2019
12th of October 2019


26th of October 2019

Annual General Meeting

All meetings will commence at 2pm


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Kingdom of the Netherlands – June 2019 / Newsletter #54

Dear reader,

In this month’s newsletter:

  • Dutch pop-up Embassy Perth: Passport applications on the 25th and 26th of June
  • Australian and Dutch women football teams meet in Eindhoven
  • GES 2019 in The Hague
  • Hyperlop: vacuum innovation
  • Dutch Films at Sydney Film Festival
  • Europe Day 2019 celebrations in Sydney & Canberra
  • Consular news

Dutch pop-up Embassy Perth: Passport applications on the 25th and 26th of June

During the state visit of the Ambassador to the Netherlands Marion Derckx to Western Australia, the Consular Team from Sydney will visit Perth on Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th of June to give the Dutch community in Western Australia the opportunity to submit passport applications (by appointment only and limited spots available).

In Australia you can apply for Dutch travel documents at the Consulate-General in Sydney, by appointment only.

Booking facilities for an appointment are open from Friday the 7th of June at 12:00 pm (WA time) via the special link “book an appointment in Perth” on our website https://www.netherlandsworldwide.nl/countries/australia. Please be aware that before this date and time it is not possible to book an appointment for a passport application in Perth.

More details about your appointment will be e-mailed to you closer to your appointment date. To read more, please visit our website by clicking on the button below.

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Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd News Page

In a friendly match last weekend, the Matildas met the OranjeLeeuwinnen in Eindhoven, in front of a record crowd of over 30.000. The reigning European champions beat the Ozzies with 3-0. We wish both teams the best of luck in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup in France!

Visit the FIFA website to learn more about the FIFA Women’s World Cup by clicking on the button below.

Hyperloop: vacuum innovation

Imagine: a 1000 km/h Hyperloop connection between Australian cities. It would mean a drastic decrease in flights, travel time and pollution. With a demand for faster, more sustainable ground travel rising and rising worldwide, the Hyperloop is fast becoming a feasible new option for near-future transport.

Universities, governments and businesses across the globe, are working hard to make the innovative Hyperloop reality. Over in the Netherlands, apart from several universities like the TU Delft, the province of North-Holland is working together with Hardt Hyperloop to make the vacuum connection between Amsterdam Airport and Frankfurt Airport.

Read more about it by clicking on the button.

The Global Entrepeneurship Summit 2019

The Global Entrepeneurship Summit 2019 has kicked off in The Hague on Monday. We wish the Australian companies Movendo, Real Impact Investment, SeerMedical, The Training Paddock, EscaVox, Goterra, Senscity, AV 24/7, Iquite Aliance and Healthkit good luck the next few days!

The Netherlands is hosting the summit together with the U.S. The Netherlands and U.S. share an abiding belief in the power of entrepeneurhsip and how governments can help create the conditions necessary for businesses to thrive. Pictured are Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and the U.S. Secetary of State Mike Pompeo. Get involved by visiting the GES website by clicking on the button below.

Dutch Films at Sydney Film Festival

This year, the Sydney Film Festival takes place from the 5th until the 16th of June. The Sydney Film Festival is known to have a varied line-up, with twelve days and nights of films, documentaries, talks and parties. You have the chance to see three Dutch films this year! These are:

Retrospekt: Dutch director Esther Rots (also special guest at the Festival) creates a riveting drama about domestic violence, trauma and memory, which is part psychological thriller, part cinematic experiment.
More info: https://www.sff.org.au/program/browse/retrospekt

The Best of Dorien B: directed by award winning filmmaker Anke Blondé, The Best of Dorien B is a wry, irreverent comedy about an unassuming veterinarian and housewife who gets a new attitude when everything in her world falls apart overnight.
More info: https://www.sff.org.au/program/browse/the-best-of-dorien-b

The Miracle of the Little Prince: Directed by Dutch filmmaker Marjoleine Boonstra, The Miracle of the Little Prince is a captivating documentary exploring the nature of language and culture, in particular the world’s disappearing indigenous languages, through Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s much-loved classic, The Little Prince.
More info: https://www.sff.org.au/…/b…/the-miracle-of-the-little-prince

Europe Day celebrations in Sydney & Canberra

Europe Day was celebrated at Parliament House in Sydney, on Thursday 16 May. The festivities were attended by the Governor of NSW H.E. the Honourable Margaret Beazley AO QC, Deputy Premier the Hon. John Barilaro MP and other dignitaries. In his speech, European Union ambassador Michael Pulch underlined the vibrant relationship between Australia and the EU.

The hosting EU nations were well represented by consuls-general. The Netherlands Consul-General Frank van Beuningen said that ”Sydney is a dynamic and vibrant city. There are many European companies located here and many EU-member states represented in Sydney. Nevertheless, the European Union is not on everybody’s radar. As representatives of EU member states we think it is important to celebrate Europe day in Sydney to help bring the European Union and what it stands for to the attention of a broader audience in Sydney. In particular, these days when the rule based international order is being challenged and, at the same time, we are negotiating with Australia on a Free Trade Agreement, it is important to highlight the set of values, principles and interests that guide our actions as member states of the European Union.’’

Ambassador Marion Derckx also celebrated peace and prosperity in Europe with the European Union in Australia and colleagues from around the world in Canberra.

Passport applications outside of Sydney in 2019

In 2019, Dutch citizens who are not able to travel to Sydney to apply for a passport and/or identity card are offered the possibility to submit an application on location in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

When are we planning to be where:

Brisbane           Date T.B.A.

Perth                  25 and 26 June

Melbourne       August

About 5 weeks before we arrive on location we will announce the exact date on our website and Facebook page.

A message from the Consular Department

‘My mother in the Netherlands is seriously ill and I need to go there as soon as possible. She might not make it much longer but my passport has expired in 2015. I live in Broome.’

‘I lost my passport in 2017. I’ve got a job interview in the Netherlands next week. I live in Darwin.

‘I moved to Australia in 1957. Now my brother in the Netherlands hasn’t got long to live. I would like to say good bye to him’.

Every week consular staff of the Consulate General in Bondi Junction receives several phone calls and emails of Dutch citizens whose passports have expired and are in a hurry to travel to the Netherlands. Lately a lot of questions come in from elderly people who have migrated in the 50’s and would like to visit their birth country one more time to say a final good bye to loved ones.

Please be aware that the renewal of a passport – even if fast tracked – takes at least 1 week. Passport applications are being processed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague and then printed in the Netherlands. A courier brings the passport from the Netherlands to Sydney. 

Most of the time the recent proof of legal residence turns out to be a problem, especially for the elderly who might not have traveled since their arrival in Australia. It could take some time before such evidence has been obtained from the Australian Department of Home Affairs. A delay that could be avoided.

Consular staff is always trying to lend a helping hand and think of the most efficient way to help out. However, a lot of stress can be avoided if passports are renewed approximately 6 months before the expiry date. If your Dutch passport has expired or has been lost, please apply for a new one as soon as possible. We would like to call on people to discuss with their older Dutch relatives and friends whether their passports are still up to date and if necessary, help them to start the renewal process early so they travel to the Netherlands whenever they want to.

Passport applications can be done at the Consulate General in Bondi Junction/Sydney. This year consular staff has visited Perth to take in passport applications. Later this year visits are planned to Brisbane (May 14) and Melbourne (August). Please check this newsletter, Facebook and our website for additional information.

Please note: traveling back to the Netherlands implies transferring in e.g. Dubai/Abu Dhabi or other cities in Asia. In general Asian countries require the passport to be valid for another 6 months after leaving the country. The UAE requires 3 months validity.

Holland Hub – Newsletter 42 – November 2018

The Netherlands blazing its trail through the blockchain scene

DIF invests in Australian waste-to-energy facility

Building cycling cities: Going Dutch around the world

Sydney is Australia’s most sustainable city

Lynxx Operations Performance System for Sydney ferries

Based in the Netherlands, Lynxx, an Amersfoort headquartered analytics company which opened its Asia-Pacific branch in Sydney in 2017, was awarded ‘runner up’ in the Excellence in Moving People category at the recent 2018 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia Awards for Excellence. The company got this award for its new analytics platform deployment in Sydney.
Lynxx’s new analytics platform, called OPS (Operations Performance System), precisely measures the operational KPI (Key Performance Indicator) results of Sydney ferries. OPS tracks and predicts every vessel’s arrival and departure at every wharf with near-perfect accuracy.
The Harbour City Ferries control room now has a much more accurate view of their operations and how they’re performing against customer expectations. The project involved connecting radio frequency vessel location data to vessel schedules in real-time, accounting for all the possible variations in operations. A very tangible demonstration of how harnessing the power of big data analytics can deliver better operational and customer outcomes

The Global Entrepreneurs Summit comes to the Netherlands in 2019

Shell funded collaboration with KT Maritime Services Australia and Atlas Professionals
9 July 2018 – 1 December 2020
Advanced Standing Deck Cadet David Oxenham is currently on board the 750 PoB semi-submersible accommodation vessel ‘POSH Arcadia’, north-east of Broome, Western Australia, which provides vital accommodation for Shell’s Prelude FLNG facility.
The POSH Arcadia crew has welcomed David on board and is committed to assisting Australian Indigenous seafarers like David gain vital operational Deck Watchkeeper experience. POSH Arcadia is a DP3 accommodation vessel joined by gangway to the Prelude floating liquefied natural gas facility which once operating, will extract, liquefy and store gas at sea, before offloading it for export around the globe.
At 22 years old, David, a Malgana man from the Yamatji Nation began his offshore career fishing at the Montebello Islands and has been working on or near the ocean ever since. Thus far on board POSH Arcadia, David has been familiarising himself with the bridge equipment and gaining an understanding of the different deck roles and responsibilities of the deck team in simulated emergency situations. Atlas Captain Mick has been impressed with David’s positive and enthusiastic start to the understudy program and how David has quickly fitted in with the ASV Bridge Team.

Malcolm McDowall – CEO Australia Pacific Arcadis
Dutch company Arcadis announced that Malcolm McDowall was appointed CEO of its Australia Pacific business. McDowall takes over from Greg Steele, who was recently announced as Group Executive – Asia Pacific, at Arcadis.
McDowall has been with Arcadis for over 18 years, holding various leadership positions including Managing Director – Environment, Advisory and Assurance, and Managing Director – Buildings and Urban Development. Greg Steele, Executive Director – Asia Pacific, Arcadis: “I am very pleased to announce Malcolm as the new CEO. He is the right person to take Arcadis forward in Australia. Not only is Malcolm a great people leader but also a great business leader. The parts of the business that he has run in recent times have performed exceptionally well.”
“It’s a great privilege to be appointed the Australia Pacific CEO for Arcadis and to lead a strong company with fantastic people. It’s a very interesting time in the industry, with the way we plan, design and build cities rapidly changing. I look forward to helping Arcadis meet this challenge and continue our strong growth in Australia Pacific,” McDowall said.


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Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd News Page

Where abouts of ” Antonius Nicolaas Johannes HEINTJES”

From: Jasper van der Schoot <vanderschoot@planet.nl>
Subject: Heintjes, Antonius

Message Body:
Geachte heer,
Ik ben op zoek naar de datum/jaar/ en plaats van overlijden van Antonius Nicolaas Johannes HEINTJES, geboren op 1-9-1919 in Rotterdam, geëmigreerd naar Australie, aankomst 22-10-54 in Brisbane met de boot Johan van Oldenbarneveld, gehuwd met
Catharina Gerardina Haren, geboren in Cuijk. Indien u over een aankondiging van zijn overlijden beschikt, zou ik daar zo mogelijk  ook graag een kopie van ontvangen.
Bij voorbaat veel dank voor uw medewerking!
Met vriendelijke groeten,
Jasper van der Schoot
Hazeloop 8
5511 PK Knegsel


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Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd News Page

Dutch Football (soccer) in Australia

The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre is looking for any information on Netherlands immigrants playing football (soccer) in Australia when they first arrived and subsequent years.


The information they are looking for a programmes, tickets, formation of teams, results (if any), club officials, referees, linesmen and any involvement with the Football Federation of Australia.


Please contact Paul Breedveld via email Plsbreedveld@hotmail.com or use the contact page from the Federation WEB site.

Thank you for your assistance


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Federation of Netherlands Societies Ltd News Page

Anton Kool Award History




Year Name Nominated b7 Notes (updated Jan 2015
1987 Jan Herder CDMA Sydney (1) Founding President of the CDMA
1988 Theo Boelhouwer Dutch Folkdancing Group (1)
1989 Piet Smit Neerlandia (1)
1990 Willy Geytenbeek QWBF (1), Instuif, co-ordinator Federation, Social Welfare,Instuif Org
1991 Huub Vervoort DASI Wollongong (1) Dutch Welfare
1992 Ada Degenfeld Dutch Uniting Church (1)
1993 Bep Boersma Rembrandt Club (1), Instuif Group Club founding member,Social Welfare
1994 Frans Veringa CDMA Sydney (2) President and Kompas Editor
1995 Social Welfare Committee Illawarra Region Social Welfare Activities
1996 Corrie Lensink Neerlandia (2) Many committee roles
1996 Henk Schaaps DASI Wollongong (2)& Neerlandia Secretary and Committees
1997 Wim Engelbrecht Abel Tasman Village (1) Original Board Member
1998 Vina van Ede DASI Wollongong (3) Stuw Editor and Committees
1999 Joe and Dick Masaar Juliana Village Secretary, Board, Social Welfare
2000 Ploni van Es CDMA Sydney (3) Board, Years of Visitations
2000 Jan Mees Concordia, DACC Volunteer and Committees
2000 Richard Verhoeve DASI Wollongong (4) Board member
2001 Jan Joosten Rembrandt Club (2) President, organiser
2001 Wilhelmina van der Ven Dutch Uniting Church (2) Volunteer
2001 Pierre Hanssen Concordia Choir Director Musical Director
2002 Sjoerd Rasker ATV Volunteer, Rembrandt Club Hard Working Volunteer
2003 John M Pronk DASI Wollongong (5) Committee and Choir
2004 Irene Newton NSW Klaverjas Federation (1) Years of Service
2005 Bernie van Twist Juliana Village Library at Juliana Village
2006 Leo Boers CDMA Wollongong (1) Many Years ad CDMA President
2007 Bas van Dongen NSW Klaverjas Federation (2) Chairman and committees
2008 Louis Leermaker Abel Tasman Village (2) Board Member
2009 Gerard Visser CDMA Sydney (4) Many Years as Treasurer
2010 Wijbrand Bruinsma Dutch Folkdancing Group (2) Co-ordinator
2011 Kees Prins DASI Wollongong (6) Many Years as Secretary
2012 Jan Bareman Abel Tasman Village (3) Volunteer Financial Services
2013 Bert Gijzen QWDABF (2), ATV (4)
2014 Henny Spee Neerlandia (3), CDMA Sydney (5) CDMA & Neerlandia Secretary ,Editor
2015 Cor Merckx NSW Klaverjas Federation (3) 30 years of Service
2016 Jo-Ann Rasker Abel Tasman Village (4) 20 years as dedicated volunteer
2017 Joop de Wit Concordia Dutch Club 0ver 40 years of Service Secretary
2018 Sr Lia van Haren Dutch Australian Cultural Centre Archiving the DACC material received