Jos Kusters

Jos is a recent immigrant to Australia (2002). Jos grow up in a big Catholic family of five boys in a little village in the former mining region (Oostelijke Mijnstreek) of Limburg; the most southern province of the Netherlands.

As a young man, Jos studied Chemical Engineering at the Technical University in Eindhoven. Where he also did his PhD in Polymer Chemistry. It was during his PhD studies that Jos received a scholarship to study at the University of Sydney. During his time in Sydney, Jos met his wife Jola.

After they both finished their PhDs, Jos and Jola were married in Jos’s hometown in the Netherlands and both moved to London for work. After six years in London and the arrival of their first daughter, the family moved back to the Netherlands. Whilst their second daughter was on her way, Jos and Jola made the decision that they would like to raise their daughters in Australia. Early 2002 the family moved to Wollongong.

During his career, Jos has been working in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries as a technical professional and manager in product development, process optimisation and in HSE roles. He is currently working as senior subject matter expert for environment at Australia’s largest fuel supplier.

Looking to impart some more Dutch culture on his girls, Jos joined the local Dutch club: Dutch Australian Society in Illawarra (DASI). In the early years, Jos was more of a silent member of the club but felt that he could and wanted to be more active in the activities and in the organisation of the club. For that reason, Jos joined DASI’s Management Committee as Secretary in 2017. As part of that role, Jos started to attend the Federation of Netherlands Societies meetings, became a Board Member in 2018 and was appointed Assistant Secretary in 2019.