Peter Hamer

Peter Hamer

Born in the Netherlands and migrated with his family to Australia at the age of 10 in 1962.

After leaving High School completed a Cabinet Making apprenticeship after which he ran his own business. Studied Psychology at Toowoomba Technical College and went on the Sydney University to complete a BA with Psychology and Archaeology and then a Masters Educational studies.

Peter continued his studies with Post graduate degrees in Multicultural Studies, Administration, Theology and Leadership followed by masters in Religious studies and one in Leadership Development.

After a brief as career as a Counsellor Peter started a teaching career at Holy Cross college at Ryde and from there became Deputy Principle in Marrickville which at the time was a school with the highest concentration of Migrant student in the state as well as being one of the lowest SES regions in NSW. From there Peter served as Principal of three schools including Head of the junior school of a Greek Orthodox Community school. Being married to a Greek wife who was also the Principal of a Greek School, he became very involves with the Greek Community social and cultural life.

Peter has been a member of the Rotary Club of Burwood for 26 years and has served two terms as president as well as many of board responsibilities running functions and fundraising activities to support the community here and abroad. Peter is very active in poverty relief helping the poor overseas communities having completed well over 60 projects to assist in the alleviation of poverty. His main efforts have been in China, India the Philippines, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Timor.

Peter has been involved with the Dutch Community serving a President of the Catholic Dutch Migrant Association since 1989 and served as their President from 1992. He joined the Board of the Federation on Netherlands Societies and the Queen Wilhelmina Benevolent Fund in 2002 for the last 15 year as the Secretary. Peter is also a member of the Board of the Abel Tasman Village at Chester Hill and is currently holds the position of Vice Chair person.