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Concordia Newcastle Newsletter

Concordia Newcastle Newsletter

2021 Newsletters

From the Presidents Desk - Toni Somerville

D ear Readers: On the 25th of January Australia marked 1 year since the first reported COVID-19 case. What a year it has been, a year that showed the best of people, yet sadly also at times the worst. Many
celebrations, sporting events, family get-togethers, overseas holidays were cancelled. Even so we, as a nation, coped and were fortunate as the pandemic in many other countries has been devastating.
No Concordia functions for us in 2020, nor our once a year Dutch Day in the Park when St Nicholas and his Pieten pay us a visit. Our committee had a quiet year, except for Joop and Mat. Joop continued to write and produce all of last years Concordia newsletters and Mat continued with his treasures duties collecting the membership fees and getting the books ready for the accountant and auditor. Thank you both very much.
Dear readers, on Saturday the 20th of March we are back at the
Cardiff RSL, it will be another great function just like we always enjoy. The usual smorgasbord will not be available, but there is still a choice. We will most likely find out how it all works at our first function. This will most likely be the new normal from now on, so let's make the most of it and just enjoy being together again. “Gezelligheid kent geen tijd”
Our member, Margot Franklin, passed away on the 19th of January 2021. Margot loved the Concordia functions and invited family and friends along. Most times we had to place 2 tables together for her party. We will miss you Margot. Our sincere condolences go to Margot's family and the many friends Margot so sadly leaves behind. Margot's daughter, Linda, made lovely orange butterflies for everyone to wear at the funeral.
Hot cross buns and Easter eggs have been on the shelves for a month or more. As our first function is also an Easter function we will have a couple of baskets with Easter eggs as well as other raffle prizes.
Come and join us for a 'gezellige dag’ at the Cardiff RSL. Saturday the 20th of March. Room opens at 11am. We need to be out by 4pm.
A very Happy Easter to all our readers.
Until next time, keep well and stay safe. Toni.


From the Editors Desk - Joop de Wit

T his is our first issue of 2021, Wow, what a year 2020 was. There is some relief that 2020 is finally behind us. Actually, it’s not over yet. We are still facing a lot of uncertainty in the years to come. I started to write this issue from the middle of January to get it ready by the end of February. What will your recollection be of the year 2020? Will you choose to remember the negative aspects: what went wrong, what was taken away from you, how much you suffered, how much the people around you suffered and how uncertain you felt? Or will you choose to remember the positive aspects: the chance to slow down, to spend more time at home, to reconnect with some of your passions, to learn a new technology and to experience growth through change and uncertainty?
Crucially, 2021 was in most minds a year, even when most of us had a sense of optimism, that our world was slowly turning the corner. The whole world is looking with envy to Australia in the handling of the
pandemic. We really have been very lucky. This Pandemic also has divided our nation, albeit not so bad as in most other countries around the world.
Yes we do have some good news dear readers, Our first afternoon will be held on Saturday 20th March. Our Christmas function 2019 was our last one. It promises to be a real variety day. I will try to make it a special one, full of laughs and entertainment. My pleasure to do so
after being in hibernation for 12 months, not really of course. I will try to
delight everyone, we all need to unwind a little by meeting up with friends we haven’t seen for so long. Firstly I must tell you that this
function is going ahead at the time of writing. Lunch meal should be different than what we are used to. I am hopeful that all should be well in keeping everyone happy. The cost for our function will still be the old price of 20 dollars PP. Please book by getting in touch with Joop on 4954 5227. We need to officially know the numbers due to the Covid-19 regulations.
Dear readers, let’s just be happy that we are still here today. Looking at the country where most of us were born is today in complete chaos. Every
Government around the world is trying to cope the best they can, it’s the usual selfish citizens that are trying to set their own rules, they don’t want to be told what to do, how sad to think that way, only because of their right of so called personal freedom, yes, ‘Het Zei Zo!’
Happy Easter to all our readers. Enjoy and till next time. Joop


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