The Federation of Netherlands Societies Chairman Report for 2018

The Federation of Netherlands Societies Chairman Report for 2018

We started the beginning of this year with a big bang, the celebration of our 50th anniversary was a great success. Thanks to the Rembrandt club who had organised this day with the right entertainment and a delicious lunch.

Thank you to Peter Hamer who at the last minute was able to organise and pick up the newly appointed consul general Mr. Frank van Beuningen so that he could meet and greet all the Dutch community leaders.

Mr van Beuningen has also agreed to become our patron as has been the custom for years.

The 2017 Anton Kool award went to Joop de Wit from the New Castle Concordia club for all his dedicated work for more than 30 years. As I was otherwise engaged on that day Thank You again to Peter, Marian, John and Paul Breedveld who travelled to New Castle to do the honours.

On a sad note, due to health reasons John Vlietstra had to resign this year from the board, thanks John for your valuable input through the years. The good news is that John Kusters will be representing the Wollongong area as a very capable replacement.

Another sad loss for the Federation is the Great Western Male Choir, Before known as the Rembrandt choir, they have for more than 30 years been involved with the Dutch community, I can still remember the very first concert of the Rembrandt choir in the Philips Building in North Sydney and the highlight of the choir when it performed the National anthems at the opening of the N.S.W. Festival in Fairfield on the occasion of the visit of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Our four social clubs, Neerlandia, DASI, Concordia and Rembrandt seem to be doing very well due to the hard work of their volunteers.

The other organisations such as, D.A.C.C. Social Welfare, C.D.M.A. Abel Tasman and Juliana villages, Genealogy group, St. Peters Play group and NESWA might not be so visible, but are all still working hard in the background for the Dutch community.

May I take this opportunity to thank all Board members and representatives of the various clubs for your valuable input, THANK YOU, as our first chairman once sad, it is not what the Federation can do for you it is what you can do for the Federation

Thank You

J. Joosten Chairman.